Tucked in a centuries-old history imprinted on the stone facades, bathed in the sea and scents of the Mediterranean, protected by the mighty mountains and ridges, Šibenik is the center of the Adriatic. In it, the past is encountered in every street, protrudes from the fortresses, read from wooden shutters and lived defiantly.

Supreme artist was truly playful when drawing the landscape around Šibenik. As his imagination run free, he bestowed us with a unique canyon of the river Krka, its karst landscape, waterfalls and the islet Visovac, and then he sped away, scattering islands and reefs of Kornati over crystal blue sea.

Since time immemorial, raising the picturesque vineyards, courageous farmers drew the best out of the barren land. Harvesting the sea for fish, sponges and corals, they decorated it with unique Murter boats. Innovation and curiosity led people of Šibenik since ancient days. One of the proofs is, world known Faust Vrancic, the inventor of parachute and many other wonders of that time, that conceived the ideas on his native island Prvić and took them all the way to Venice, thus becoming the most important constructor and technical writer in Croatia.

Šibenik is the oldest Croatian town on the Adriatic. Since Petar Kresimir IV, who was the first to mention Šibenik stating it is a fortress, many attempted to sell, purchase or won it – neighbors from the sea or mainland, Ottomans, Venetians. The most significant architectural achievement of the 15th and 16th century on Croatian soil – a magnificent cathedral of St James originates from the time of Venetian rule. Juraj Dalmatinac finished it in his signature Gothic-Renaissance style, decorating it with angels, capitals with curly leaves, magnificent statues of saints, and carved figures of his fellow citizens. Due to its exceptional value, the cathedral was included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage in year 2000.

Many sang about Šibenik, and still sing, to it and about it. It withstood beating from storms, plague and wars, all that made it eternal and proud of its many citizens spreading its famous name in the world of culture, politics, science and sports.